Wifi On Board
Midnight Express strives to offer and perform our services in accordance with each client’s specific needs and requirements.

The company policy is to continuously assess and improve the quality of services offered.

To this end a good working environment for the company staff provides an important foundation for their strong commitment to perform their duties to the highest standard, which will ensure that our client’s will receive the highest quality and comfort when utilising our services.

Some basic principles we abide by are:
* Always keep agreed pick up and drop of times.
* Ensure high quality buses and good availability.
* Establish and maintain long term’s client relations.
* Maintain well functioning administrative and service routines.
* Keep everything neat and tidy, administration as well as buses.
* Keep a high maintenance standard.
* Ensure competence development opportunities for staff.
* Ensure that the quality and standard of services are continuously improved – to be one step ahead!